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Amores extraños

Llovía y me he quedado en casa escribiendo al lado de la chimenea.

Me he puesto el batín de raso que siempre da un aire flemático y tal vez por eso, las musas me han vuelto a hablar en la lengua de Shakeaspeare.

Se llama Amores extraños.

A ver que les parece

Strange love

There was a wild cat

who lived in a flat.

he wasn´t that wild

but he never smiled

He felt in love

with the pig from above.

He become more polite

than a sir knight

But she was a bitter,

and treated him like litter.

Her name was Juliet

and she did ballet,

while he liked to groove

above in the roof.

A hard nut to crack

but life changed his luck.

One day in bad mood

and tired of her prude,

he treated her rude.

And for his surprise

she did really liked

He finally found

that she was blasé

of all that ballet

and living so bound.

She wanted to go wild

and leaving that mild.

They crossed the surround

and moved out of town

Now they live together

and both wear leather.

The end

Les ha gustado?

Le estoy cogiendo el gustillo a lo de disfrazarme, pero no se lo digan a la @Sra_racho que me tiene un poco frito


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